The afterlife has often been imagined and depicted.

But what about a realm before life?

image credit: cedric Lim

Becoming Alive explores the time before we are born, as a group of not-yet-humans bide their time in an ethereal waiting room. Each visitor waits for their number to be called so they can be assigned a human life to live.

Some are anxious, some are hopeful, and others are defeated by impatience before their earthly lives have even begun. But for the first time ever, one number is called out over and over, and yet every visitor called forward turns down the human life. 

Only one visitor is willing to take a chance and accept this unwanted life for a chance to live a life at all.

— Julia Monahan, Director


Becoming Alive is Rude Horse's second forthcoming short film. Written by Josh Bressler and to be directed by Julia Monahan, the film is currently in pre-production. Tentative shoot dates are early August 2019.